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Please STOP & Read:
Before sending us a contact request, please check the news section on the front page of the web site to see if your question is answered there. All the details for our next show are posted about a week before the show (arrival times, spot numbers, etc.) There is no need to contact us directly for this information. Instead, simply look here:

The week before a show is very busy for us and we make it very easy for you to get all the answers to your questions, so we can concentrate on creating the best event possible.

If you are not receiving emails from us about the show, within about a week of the event, please check your SPAM folder.

You should see email from INFO @ WESTWING CLASSIC dot com.

Registration Changes:
If you need to make any changes with your registration, you can simply go to the My Registrations page, click on your active entry, and edit your registration. There is no need to contact us to modify your registration. We get a lot of requests and cannot possibly hanlde them all. Please help us out and use the self-service options.

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