We will no longer accept requests to change spots, locations, etc. The most recent version is v1.3, published at 4:03PM.

The following was sent to all registered participants at 4:15 PM MST:

Thank you for registering for the WestWing Classic! We can’t wait to see you this Saturday at the show.


We are now using 100% of the Church parking lot. We had well over 240 cars sign up for the event, but we only have 205 spots. I was able to move some things around, and crammed in *almost* everyone who registered. I had to get creative, so please bear with me. If there are any issues, please let me know ASAP, and I will do my best to rectify the situation.
(Click below for the latest spot assignments and map.)
For anyone not arriving in an exhibition vehicle, there will be a shuttle from WestWing Elementary to the church, running every 10 minutes, or so. We ask that anyone parking a trailer or extra vehicle please respect the neighborhood and do not park in front of anyone’s home. There are several areas where there is just landscaping and you may park here, if your vehicle does not fit in the designated parking areas. There is no parking on the south side of Maya Way. There is temporary disabled parking on the side of the lot, near the shuttle stop, for anyone showing a disabled placard. 
This event is earlier than most of our previous events. For this reason, we ask that you arrive no earlier than 10:30 am on the 27th, and ask that you be in your spot no later than 11:00 am. Because this event is so popular, and parking is so severely limited, if you are not in your spot by 11:15, your spot will be given away to overflow.
  • Arrive between 10:30 am and 11:00 am
  • Lunch will be served starting at 11am
  • Judges will be starting immediately at 11 am, and will finish by 1 pm
  • Vacant Spots will be given away starting at 11:15
  • Awards will be announced at 1:15
  • The show ends at 2PM
Know your spot number! When you pull into the lot, you will be greeted by our traffic team, who will guide you to your spot. Once you’ve parked, you will need to go get your placard from the info booth, right next to the DJ booth. This placard will have your name, and car information on it. If you cannot pick up your placard for any reason, please let someone with a radio know and we will bring it to you.
Lunch is served at 11. Registered exhibitors receive one free hot dog or hamburger meal, per car. Due to COVID, we will not be handing out tokens. This will be done on the honor system. Please respect the process.
Event Rules:
  1. The show runs from 11AM to 2PM.
  2. Please arrive no earlier than 10:30 and no later than 11:00.
    1. (Spots still open after 11:15 will be given away, unless arrangements have been made.)
  3. You will be guided to your assigned spots by our parking attendants.
  4. Please grab your placard from the Info Booth (Next to the DJ Booth).
  5. Judging starts promptly at 11AM.
  6. Each registered entry gets one (1) free meal per entry.
    1. (Please respect the honor system.)
  7. Coolers are welcome, but please no alcoholic beverages on the church lot.
  8. There are bathrooms available on site for all attendees.
  9. No burnouts or racing anywhere in the WestWing neighborhood or main thoroughfare.
  10. Respect each other and the facilities.
  11. Registration for this event is free and is brought to you by our host site, Copper Hills Church and The Well Coffee Co.
  12. Any use of drones should be done so with consideration and respect of others and their vehicles.
  13. Masks are not required for attendees, but are appreciated.
Please feel free to reach out to me regarding these assignments, or any other questions you might have. There is a good chance that this information might change over the next week, so please keep your eyes on our website, or our Facebook page, for more information.
Thanks again and see you on Saturday!
WWC Parking Lot 2 27 21
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