WestWing Power Tour

The WestWing Classic Presents:
The WestWing Power Tour 

A year ago, our country was deep into the Coronavirus lockdown. What was supposed to be 15 days turned into 6 weeks, and people were feeling lost, alone and afraid. Residents of WestWing and surrounding areas decided to use our love of cars to help bring goodwill to our neighbors, by bringing a car show to them. Over 60 cars snaked through the streets of the WestWing Mountain neighborhood, letting everyone know that we are all in this together.

On April 24, 2021, we will continue that tradition and let everyone know we are (still) in this together. This time, however, we will bring the show to a much larger area. We will include surrounding neighborhoods like Rock Springs, Terramar, Cibola Vista, Pleasant Valley and Vistancia. You can find the route and details to the right, with links to download it onto your mobile device.

There is no registration required for this event. Just show up at the Copper Hills Church parking before 11 and we will start off along the predefined route. We will leave at 11am, SHARP!

All vehicles are welcome! If it has wheels, is road legal and can travel at normal speeds (~50mph), then you can join us. We will not be going as slow as we did last year, because we’ve added so many new neighborhoods. Instead, we will stick to the main drags and travel around 20-30 mph most of the time, and at normal speeds between the selected areas. 

If you can’t join us for the tour, please meet us on the route. Cheer us on in each neighborhood and remind everyone that we are (still) in this together.

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PLEASE NOTE: This link will only work on a PC. In order to download the route onto your phone without it selecting the quickest route between neighborhoods, you will have to save the map in your google maps and then open it from your device, under “My Maps”. 
For more reliable directions, use the Turn by Turn Directions, below

Frequently Asked Questions about Sunday’s Power Tour:
Q: Is this a No Register, just show up event?
A: Correct, just show up around 11 and we’ll go.


Q: With a 11AM starting time for the cruise, what time will you start to stage the vehicles, and where?
A: There won’t be any staging. Show up a bit before the start time and we’ll just start rolling out right at 11. We want to minimize contact, so everyone will just be in their cars when we leave.


Q: Anticipated duration of event?
A : It takes about 1 hour to drive the course, so no longer than 3 hours, or so.


Q: Will there be HAMBURGERS at the end?
A: Not this time! :/