Registered Volunteers

# First Name Last Name Email Phone Contact Preference Assignment Preference Comments
[row_num] Mark Carlson [email protected] 6024991477 Email, Text Hospitality
[row_num] Raymond Schragel [email protected] 6235705855 Text Setup, Tear Down, Traffic

Available all day. Place me Wherever / whenever

[row_num] Julian Ruedas [email protected] 6237031265 Email, Text, Voice Call Raffle
[row_num] Dennis Calik [email protected] 602 809-8806 Text Judging
[row_num] Peter Chartrand [email protected] +14803598491 Email, Text, Voice Call Judging

thanks Dennis

[row_num] Josh Currier [email protected] 6233409897 Text Traffic
[row_num] Bruce Braaten [email protected] 4802294291 Email Shirts/food
[row_num] Eugene Miller [email protected] 6232214363 Voice Call Judging
[row_num] Kaitlynn Bliss [email protected] 6025090349 Email Facilities, Hospitality, Merchandise
[row_num] Jack Craigs [email protected] 6027084071 Text Setup, Hospitality

This is first auto show I am available gentle!

[row_num] Ed McKelvey [email protected] 760-522-4150 Text Setup, Hospitality, Traffic
[row_num] John Muir [email protected] 5166502817 Text Hospitality

Count me in!!

[row_num] Dennis Barber [email protected] 6029189086 Email, Text Flipppin Burgers

Dave: Mark already has me on his list to help at the grill. I will be there early to help as needed.

[row_num] Larry Shephard [email protected] 310-503-4911 Email Hospitality

Love to work with Kurt and Shari Harshman.

[row_num] Scott Harris [email protected] 6232521339 Text Setup, Hospitality
[row_num] Ed TreviƱo [email protected] 9168042360 Text MC
[row_num] George Abood [email protected] +19167641551 Email Food
[row_num] Teffanie Reuss [email protected] 6232385929 Text Whatever you need me to do
[row_num] Paul Schwartz [email protected] 623-533-2313 Text Judging
[row_num] Dave Reuss [email protected] 4805609432 Text Site Coordinator


[row_num] Brad Klassen [email protected] 6238100884 Text Schmoosing
[row_num] Bruce Campbell [email protected] 6026196052 Text Tear Down
[row_num] Jimmy Ferree [email protected] 6024024593 Text Traffic

I will be out of town but Scott committed to covering the traffic

[row_num] Robert Norris [email protected] 6232040795 Text MC ride

Helping with the motorcycle ride

[row_num] Judy Mork [email protected] 4802153400 Text Merchandise
[row_num] Fred Rasnick [email protected] 6232105885 Text Judging
[row_num] Barry Lewis [email protected] 6232366816 Text Judging
[row_num] Mary Brown [email protected] 4807725329 Email Hospitality, Judging, Merchandise
[row_num] Gary Morgan [email protected] 6236405390 Text anywhere needed

Let’s see how many we get to do this!

[row_num] Scott Pederson [email protected] 6025026912 Email, Text Traffic

I’m happy to help out where ever I’m needed. Parking, Traffic, etc. Looking forward to it.
Scott (from men’s bible study)

[row_num] Ed Bish [email protected] 7146861459 Email, Text Facilities

Coming down with Gary Morgan from PCC Church in Prescott- put us where you need us.

[row_num] Richard Mattick [email protected] 619-722-9324 Email Facilities

Member of Prescott Christian Church

[row_num] Greg Baumgart [email protected] 928-642-0531 Voice Call Judging

I do walk with a Crutch, and I’m told to go slow for my Heart. But I do know old Cars and appreciate how much
work goes into them.

[row_num] Mike Tuell [email protected] 6024818808 Text Hospitality
[row_num] Ed Rutherford [email protected] 6235818227 Text Hospitality
[row_num] Jim Meyers [email protected] 5074752816 Text Hospitality
[row_num] Steve Lopez [email protected] 6024180660 Text Hospitality
[row_num] Scott Bailey [email protected] 4803716931 Text Facilities, Hospitality
[row_num] Bruce Braaten [email protected] 4802294291 Text Hospitality